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6th Grade





To All Sixth Grade Parents:


I would like for you to enjoy the summer. In the quest to develop a well-rounded student, it would be to your advantage to find a program for your child that reinforces academic and physical skills. To assist you, I would like for your children to keep a summer reading log. The reading should include novels, the newspaper, magazines, and any other computer generated periodicals or periodicals in general. This log should be filled a minimum of once a week. They should respond to the following questions:


  1. What did I read about today/ this week?
  2. How does this article affect me?


Each journal entry should be answered in essay format. You should state the title of your article(s); provide the date of the article(s); provide a brief explanation/summary about what you read; (not including title and date, you should have a minimum of four sentences). The next paragraph(s) should include an explanation of how this information affects you (example questions to answer: why did I choose this article; what is the connection between this information and me; what role do I play; who is the author of this article speaking to; does this article inform me or does it express someone else’s feelings; if so, do I agree or disagree with the author). The aforementioned are just some questions. The purpose of this assignment is to get you engaged in reading, while simultaneously keeping you up to date on current events.



The journal should have a minimum of 9 entries:

June 22-June 29

June 29-July 06

July 06- July 13

July 13-July 20

July 20-July 27

July 27-August 03

August 03-August 10

August 10-August 17

August 17-August 24


Cut or print the article (include dates) and staple it inside the reading journal after you record your answers to the aforementioned questions. All journals will be collected the first week of school.

Students should be engage in Study Island. Study Island focus should be on Common Core ELA and Common Core Math. We will be monitoring your progress. Remember, the goal in Study Island is 85% or better.

When the school year begins, the first novel the class will be reading is entitled, To Kill a Mockingbird. In addition to the novel, we will be participating in the annual history fair. The theme for the 2018-2019 school year is, “Triumph And Tragedy In History ”. More information can be acquired on the following web address, www.chicagohistoryfair.org.


Finally, parent committees will need to be formed. During the Back to School night meeting, we will form the committees, and discuss the subject matter pertaining to the committees. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation. Enjoy your summer.



Mr. Sidney Laurent


6th Grade Facilitator




Pencil Case

Pens Blue and/or Black Ink

Pencils (for handouts)


Book covers for hardback Books

Spirals for Social Studies (4, one for each quarter)

Folders for Social Studies (4, one for each quarter)

Spirals for Language Arts (4, one for each quarter)

Folders for Language Arts (4, one for each quarter)

Composition Book or Spiral for Morning Announcements & Misc. (2, for the year)

Composition Book or Spiral for a Reading Journal (2, for the year)




Tissue (Needed to be brought in September and January)

Paper Towels (Needed to be brought in September and January)

Printer Paper (Needed to be brought in September and January)