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5th grade math week at a glance

Monday: no homework


Tuesday: Complete any IxL assignments that were not completed in class

IXL (reach a smartscore of 85)

FF.3 Area of triangles (level H)

FF.4 Area of parallelograms and trapezoids (level H)

IXL (reach a smartscore of 50)

  1. FF.6 Area of compound figures (level H)
  2. report FF.7 Area between two rectangles (level H)
  3. report FF.8 Area between two triangles (level H)

Wednesday: independent practice pages 393 and 394

vocabulary: parallelogram, triangle, trapezoid, quadrilateral, perpendicular, base, height, formula, area, perimeter, composite, complex shape

skills: Identify types of quadrilaterals based on their characteristics and attributes, understand the relationship between base and height, know formulas for calculating area of quadrilaterals, triangles and trapezoids, solve real world problems involving area of various shapes.  Decompose complex figures to find the area of those figures

Thursday: test corrections due Monday, one lesson on TTM due Monday

Friday: no math class

   test corrections format


6th grade math week at a glance

Monday: Complete any IxL assignments that were not completed in class and independent practice pages 241 and 245


R.12 Scale drawings: word problems (level H)

AA.9 Perimeter, area, and volume: changes in scale (level I) only smartscore of 50

M.5 Triangle Inequality Theorem (level L)

C.1 Angle vocabulary (level L)


Wednesday: no school Parent teacher conferences

Thursday: independent practice pages 257-258, study for end of week assessment



Friday: 1 lesson on TTM



test corrections format