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5th grade math week at a glance

 test corrections format

Monday: Finish any IXL not complete in class no calculator on any IXL assignments

Y.1Write variable expressions (level H)

 Z.1Does x satisfy an equation?(level H)

Tuesday: Independent practice pages 266-267, Y.2Write variable expressions: word problems (level H)


 Wednesday: Independent practice pages 273-274, Y.5Evaluate variable expressions with decimals, fractions, and mixed numbers (level H)

Thursday: Study for end of week assessment

Vocabulary:order of operations, expression, equation, constant, modeling, algebraic, turn around words, evaluate, substitute, equivalent

Skills: associate key algebraic vocabulary terms with their operations, use vocabulary terms to create expressions and equations from word problems, model expressions using algebra tiles, evaluate expressions when given the value of the variable, evaluate expressions in real world context

 Friday:  one lesson on TTM



6th grade math week at a glance


Monday: (New)Week at a glance pending end of week assessment



 Thursday: Study for end of week assessment

Vocabulary: expression, equation, solve, constant, coefficient, simplify, combine, like terms, integer, rational number, inverse operations

Skills: Students will be able to solve two step equations involving rational numbers,  Students will be able to show proper algebra notation, Students will model algebra equations using algebra tiles, students will simplify equations using the distributive property and by combining like terms

 Friday: one lesson on TTM


test corrections format